Why Do I Need To Rotate My Tires

Rotating the tires on your car is one of the easiest ways to keep up your vehicle and one of the most ignored. Tire rotation can help maximize the life of your vehicle’s tires while also contributing to a safer, smoother and more efficient ride.

How often you should rotate your tires depends on the brand of tires and the make and model of your car. Consult a mechanic or your vehicle’s owner manual for an accurate quote for your vehicle.

Tires wear unevenly                                                                         

Tires on a vehicle wear unevenly due to the vehicles’ uneven weight distribution. For this reason, front tires wear more rapidly than rear tires. It may help to compare your vehicle’s tires to an old pair of tennis shoes. The most-worn areas on the shoes are areas where weight was situated for the longest amount of time.

Rotating your vehicle’s tires helps to extend the life of the tires. Instead of wearing down the front tires, rotating the tires ensures you get the most use out of all four tires before needing replacements.

Still not convinced?

·         Safer:

Evenly worn tires are much safer. When tires are worn evenly, it causes the brakes to be more even and effective. If you are driving with unevenly worn tires, you may have less control of the vehicle while breaking.  Traction is also increased when tires are worn evenly.

·         Smoother:

Evenly worn tires account for an overall smoother ride. A smooth ride is not only more enjoyable for the driver; it is also easier on the vehicle.

·         More efficient:

When your car rides smoother and easier it increases gas mileage. With the high cost of fuel, who doesn’t enjoy getting more miles per gallon?

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