What does the Jiffy Lube sticker mean?

Lately, people have been asking for more information about the Jiffy Lube reminder sticker. We’re talking about the sticker a service technician places on the inside of your windshield immediately after an oil change at Jiffy Lube. Of course, all oil change facilities have a sticker which quotes the next oil change interval, but Jiffy Lube’s sticker is special. The information provided on the reminder sticker reflects the mileage you selected at the time of service.  It says “I have chosen to return at XXX miles” and provides the date of your last service. That mileage is not necessarily the standard 3,000 miles from the date of your last service.  It’s your last service mileage plus the number of miles you selected for your reminder interval. That might be 3,000 miles, but it could be 3,750 miles if that’s what your manufacturer recommends and is what you selected.  Or it could be just about any other interval, depending upon your preference and your manufacturer’s recommendations.

A special sticker?

Most oil change facilities simply quote the recommended time for an oil change without consulting you first. The technicians at other facilities typically provide a sticker that says your next oil change is due 3 months or 3,000 miles from today.  They do this because it was the standard for a long time and it’s easy for everyone to remember. Jiffy Lube technicians take it a step further, however, by consulting with you to figure out the best recommended time for an oil change based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and the conditions you drive in.

What is the difference between severe and normal driving conditions?

When asked, most people would say they are “normal” drivers. While that is true, the question is really referencing the conditions you drive in, not your personal driving style. The difference between normal and severe driving is important when considering how often preventive maintenance services should be performed on your vehicle.

Normal driving conditions refer to conditions which are 100% ideal for driving. Whereas severe driving conditions include stop-and-go traffic, extremely hot and cold temperatures, prolonged higher engine speeds, and towing heavy loads. Living in the Midwest, especially in Fargo, it is very likely that you drive in severe conditions year-round. Click here to find out more about normal vs. severe driving conditions.

Why would I want to choose?

Jiffy Lube’s service technicians allow you the opportunity to choose the time interval between oil changes because they firmly believe you should get a choice when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance. The technician will provide you with the recommended time interval for normal conditions and severe conditions as recommended by your vehicle’s owner’s manual. With these numbers in mind, you will have the freedom to choose the interval in which you wish to return for another oil change. Jiffy Lube employees will never pressure you into buying anything you don’t need or trick you to have your vehicle serviced more frequently than needed. Jiffy Lube prides itself on doing the right thing for the right reason, no matter what.

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