What an Air Filter Does and Why It Should be Replaced

A clean engine air filter is just as important as clean oil.  Your engine air filter is a key component to keeping your vehicle in overall tip-top shape. However, keeping a dirty air filter in your car can cause your vehicle to lose efficiency so it needs to be replaced regularly. For more information on air filters and why they need to be replaced read below: 

What it does

An air filter acts as the lungs of a car because it allows the car to breathe by catching all of the dirt and foreign particles in the air and preventing them from entering the engine.  Air is continuously drawn into the engine as a critical part of the combustion process, but the air must be clean for the engine to perform properly. As the dirt and other damaging debris is picked up by the filter’s circulation, the filter’s ridges collect and trap the dirt. By shielding the engine from air with debris in it, air filters help prevent engine failure.

Why it needs to be replaced

Since air filters are such a staple part of an automobiles intake system, it is important to have them replaced regularly. Many things can go wrong if you don’t have your air filter replaced when it needs to be.  Having a dirty air filter can affect your car's gas mileage, emissions control system, spark plugs and overall vehicle performance. A dirty filter affects fuel combustion as well as engine performance, making your car less capable to perform at its very best. 

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