The Importance of Fixing Windshield Chips Before They Crack

Windshield chips are a minor inconvenience that can quickly turn into a major problem. Fixing windshield chips as soon as they occur could save you time and money in the long-run. For more information on fixing windshield chips, see below:

Chips turn to cracks:

A chip can turn into a crack at any time. There is no telling when your vehicle will hit a bump, causing your entire windshield to crack. Or, it may crack simply from hot or cold air from your vents hitting your windshield.  This may not seem like a big deal until you realize you will soon have to replace the entire windshield when you could have avoided the whole situation by simply fixing the tiny chip.

Save money:

It goes without saying that it is much less expensive to fix a chip in a windshield than the windshield itself. Lucky for you, insurance companies know this as well. If you have comprehensive auto insurance on your vehicle, fixing a chip in a windshield could be completely covered by your insurance company. Your mechanic can send the bill directly to your insurance company without causing any extra work for you. For the insurance companies, it is significantly cheaper to pay to repair the chipped windshield rather than waiting for the windshield to crack and replacing the entire thing.

Be prompt with repairs:

Jiffy Lube can help with any windshield cracks you may have. You never need an appointment, so drive in any time, and we will help you avoid that tiny crack from becoming an entirely new windshield.