How to Survive a Family Road Trip

Family road trips are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family. However, when you are not prepared and ready to have fun, road trips can easily take a turn for the worse. By following these simple tips, you and your family will be road tripping professionals by the end of the summer.  

Be prepared

Being prepared for a road trip is key to the success of the road trip, especially when children are involved. Road trips require an ample amount of food, beverages, and comfort in order to be successful. Packing a cooler full of food and drinks is a great way to save money and prevent your family from eating fast-food at every stop along the way. Pillows and blankets will make riding in the car more comfortable and enjoyable for your family. Also, when your children are comfortable, they are more likely to get some rest along the way.


Entertainment is one factor that can make or break your family road trip. When kids are entertained, the trip is guaranteed to go much more smoothly.

Pack toys

Packing a bag full of your child’s favorite toys can help make the road trip much more enjoyable for you and your child. Handheld gaming devices and personal DVD players are both great toys to bring along for entertainment. Books, coloring materials, and crossword puzzles are also great toys to keep your children occupied on the road.

Car games

Old fashioned car games are not a thing of the past! Teach your children games you used to play back before cell phones and personal DVD players were available for road trip entertainment. Some fun games the whole family will enjoy are: I spy, the alphabet travel game, car bingo, or simply attempting to find all 50 license plates. For more road trip games and directions on how to play, click here

Remember to enjoy the journey

Road tripping is not only a great way to save money on a vacation, it is also a great bonding experience for your family. Make the most of your trip by having fun along the way! Prior to departure, do some research to see if there are any places you and your family might enjoy stopping at along the way. Make this a fun process by involving your kids in the road trip plans. Your kids will love looking forward to all of the fun stops they helped pick out.

Before departing on a road trip, make sure your car is ready! Click here to view tips on preparing your car for a family vacation.

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Image courtesy of That Hartford Guy/Flickr