The Right Thing For The Right Reason

The Integrity of our company and our people is of utmost importance.

That is why we personally promise that we will never permit our employees to sell you anything or install anything that we don’t truly believe you need based upon your vehicle manufacturer’s severe service recommendations and your special driving needs. We will NEVER charge you for a service that you have not authorized or is not completed properly. These aren’t just feel good statements. They are what we believe in and how we train our employees.

We also believe being “green” is the right thing to do. That’s why we recycle our used motor oil, oil filters, fuel filters, transmission fluid and antifreeze. Last year we recycled over 42,000 gallons of used motor oil and transmission fluids, over 35,000 used oil filters and fuel filters and over 3,500 gallons of used antifreeze. And we don’t charge extra for taking care of the environment.

You will always find honest, up-front pricing on our parts and services. We believe that doing the right thing is our responsibility and that any costs associated with this should be absorbed by us.

Many automotive service facilities charge fees for things like “shop supplies” or “environmental fees.” In many cases, when asked about these fees, customers are told they are a “tax.” At our company, we know that money doesn't grow on trees. We believe that doing the right thing is a cost of doing business and don’t believe these additional fees are necessary.

A “shop supply” fee generally includes things like shop towels that employees use to wipe their hands. We believe this is a cost of doing business, just like providing a napkin at a restaurant or providing soap and towels so cooks can wash their hands is a cost of doing business.

Many shops will pass “environmental fees” off as a tax and insinuate they are government mandated. Please rest assured that this is not the case. There are no government-mandated taxes or fees for disposing of used oil, oil filters or even antifreeze in North Dakota or Minnesota.